IANR Communities


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Collaborative Communities

IANR strives to combine research, teaching and extension in a multidisciplinary, collaborative environment that encourages the best thinking and expertise from across the University and private enterprise – to ensure Nebraska’s competitiveness in a world of change and challenge.

About IANR Communities

The six communities were formed in 2011. At that time, faculty from all IANR departments came together and, rather than focus on individual department needs, they agreed to focus on areas of strength that they felt the institution as a whole could build upon. That type of bold collaboration and thinking is what was needed to propel Nebraska forward. We are striving to excel in these areas but we can go much further and have a much greater impact with your involvement. As we continue to strategize around these areas, we encourage you to become a part of the conversation. We welcome your feedback, ideas, engagement and support in our ongoing endeavor to make your university a global leader in these key areas.