Since its arrival, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted daily life for people across the world. From changes in how we go to school and work, play and watch sports, and go shopping to how we interact with our friends and families, we make decisions every day that impact the path that our lives and the lives of others will take.

Pandemic Pathways is an interactive storytelling project that offers a chance to...

  • Learn more about the Covid-19 virus and its impacts
  • Explore how many different people are experiencing the pandemic
  • Craft a story about a character that is working to stay safe and enjoy life during the Covid-19 pandemic

people in masks

The goal of this interactive storytelling experience is to put the reader in a character’s shoes and help them to understand some of the challenges that this character is struggling with during the pandemic, think about some of the tough decisions that need to be made, and recognize some of the consequences that might result from those choices.

Along the way, authors will gain scientific understanding of the Covid-19 virus and its far-reaching impacts, develop systems thinking skills, and cultivate empathy for others.