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Garden TOOLS for Corn

The Garden TOOLS (Technology Opportunities in Outdoor Learning Spaces) for Corn program leverages the programming and use of BBC micro:bit microcontrollers to encourage students in grades 3-5 to explore outdoor growing spaces and offers opportunities to design solutions to address personally meaningful issues and improve garden spaces.

Garden TOOLS for Corn offers resources to support you and your students as they...

  • learn to code environmental sensors to take measurements in the garden
  • gather, analyze, and interpret data to make informed decisions
  • develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • engineer technology solutions to real-world challenges

Digital Offerings

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Playing with Systems

It is a complex and messy world out there.

But sometimes having the right tool can make exploring this complexity kind of fun.

Loopy is a tool for thinking in systems created by Nicky Case. It allows you to quickly sketch system components (as circles) and their interactions (as arrows) and press play to simulate how a system behaves. In no time at all, you will be experimenting with negative and positive feedback loops, testing predictions, and, most importantly, having fun playing with your system creations.

learn science, develop empathy, write a story

Pandemic Pathways

Pandemic Pathways is an interactive storytelling project that offers a chance to...

  • Learn more about the Covid-19 virus and its impacts
  • Explore how many different people are experiencing the pandemic
  • Craft a story about a character that is working to stay safe and enjoy life during the Covid-19 pandemic